Popular Cooling Options Used In Small Manufactured Homes

Small Manufactured Homes
Cooling Small Manufactured Homes

Keeping the interior spaces cool is of utmost important to ensure a comfortable living in mobile homes. This is especially valuable in summer as the outside temperatures can raise much to cause severe discomfort. In such a scenario, having a home cooling system is necessary, as it will help in creating the ideal temperature inside the home, which is necessary for a comfortable living. Many cooling options are available that can be chosen depending on their affordability, ease of maintenance and performance.

However, for small manufactured homes there exist several effective home cooling options. Described below are some of the popular cooling options used in many new manufactured homes.

Furnace Heating

Furnace heating is the most common heating system used to maintain ample temperatures inside the mobile home. The system consists of a heating device powered by electricity or gas. An air-circulating fan helps blow the heated air into the ducts, which is circulated through the many air ducts located at various places in the interior of the home. Furnace heating devices are highly compact and can be easily fixed on small spaces like a closet in the home.

Proper maintenance is essential for furnace heating systems and this can help prevent damages and minimize the costs involved. These furnaces require repeated replacement of air filters to ensure efficient working of the system.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers, also known as desert coolers are one of the best cooling options available for small manufactured homes. They are self-contained units that use the method of evaporation with air to lower the interior temperature of the home. Evaporative coolers use many ducts placed at strategic locations throughout the home for evenly circulating the air inside, to lower the temperatures.

Portable Window Unit

Individual window cooling units is one of the best alternatives to a central air conditioning unit. They are highly effective at cooling different sections of a home and so remains highly sought after. Such window units are also available with a heating unit for maintaining the temperatures inside rooms during colder weather. Installing window units is not allowed in some mobile home parks.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are another good option to heat and cool the interior of the home. Their working principle is the exchange of cold air for warm air and vice versa. However, they are ineffective when the outside temperatures exceed 35 degrees.