Maintenance Tips for Heating Systems of New Manufactured Homes

New Manufactured Homes
Heating Systems in Manufactured Homes

The heating systems of manufactured homes ensure the adequate maintenance of temperatures inside, particularly in colder weather. Proper upkeep of the entire systems involved in supplying heat to the interiors is highly necessary for its efficient functioning. The furnace is the primary component of the heating system in new manufactured homes, as it is usually more prone to repairs and malfunctioning.

Many of the advanced tasks involved in its repairs require the services of a professional from the furnace manufacturer. However, the homeowner usually can do some of the maintenance processes of the furnace to keep it working without any issues. Below are some critical tasks that any homeowner can do in maintaining the heating systems of new manufactured homes.

Blower Motor

The critical components of the blower motor like the V-belt and pulleys are often subjected to regular wear and tear. Replace them if found with excessive wear on their surface. The belts, if found loose, should be properly tightened. In addition to that, the air intakes need a good inspection to ensure that it is clear of any obstructions. Adding four to six vents in the skirting is recommended for allowing free passage of air.

Furnace Filters

The furnace filters are the essential components of the heating system that requires periodic checks. The disposable furnace filter needs replacement on a regular basis. Permanent filters, on the other hand, requires frequent cleaning to remove the dust and dirt accumulate in the meshes. Brushing and vacuuming are the preferred methods for effectively cleaning the permanent furnace filters.

Exhaust Vents

The exhaust vents from the furnace are the other major components of the heating system that require thorough and regular inspection. Any obstruction in the pathways like dust and leaves needs to be cleared well. In cold weathers, these exhaust vents in the roof need clearing of the excess snow buildup inside.

Flue Assembly

The flue assembly requires constant inspections for ensuring its alignment and rigidity. This assembly must run in a straight line from the furnace top. Make sure that the flue is properly attached to the furnace collar. In addition, any loose wiring near the flue assembly requires fixing by securing it away from the flue pipe.


In the furnace compartment, the carpeting needs replacing with a fireproof material. The wire mesh located in front of the stack needs replacement if found missing.