Insulated Vinyl Windows for Small Manufactured Homes

Small Manufactured Homes
Insulated Vinyl Windows

Are mobile home windows much different from the standard site built-home windows? The answer is ‘No’. The difference between site-built homes and manufactured homes lies in the process of building and not the materials used in construction.

Many of the modular and mobile home manufacturers offer many branded appliances and materials for flooring and finishes of the home. In the case of windows, homebuilders may use varied materials like vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. However, many of the site-built home manufacturers offer vinyl as the standard window option.

Experts in housing field claim that insulated vinyl is a great window option for both modular and manufactured homes. May be this is the reason insulated vinyl is becoming increasingly popular as a window option in manufactured homes. Whatever the reason be, below are some of the advantages of using insulated vinyl windows in homes.

Advantages of Insulated Vinyl Windows

The biggest advantage of using insulated double pane vinyl windows in small manufactured homes is the energy savings that it offers. Single hung insulated vinyl windows will also help increase the energy efficiency of the home, as these windows will not let air in and out of the home in as many spots as other window models.

The added advantage of using vinyl includes resistance to heat loss, impact, and condensation. Vinyl material is also much durable and long lasting, so they do not need much maintenance. Some of the home manufacturers also offer Argon gas and Low-E insulated vinyl window options, as both these options add to the insulating power of the home window. Besides that, the Low-E windows help decrease the amount of Ultra Violet radiation entering the home. This will not only protect the inhabitants of the home from the potentially harmful rays of the sunlight, but also prevent the carpets, curtains, and furniture spread covers from getting dull and faded.

The double pane insulated vinyl windows installed in small manufactured homes are same as the windows that you will find in site-built homes that are worth a million dollars. Homebuyers can also opt for single pane metal insulated vinyl windows if double pane windows do not fit into the budget. These windows are also energy efficient and durable and can be a great window option for your new manufactured home.