Important Annual Maintenance Tips for Mobile Homes

Small Manufactured Homes
Annual Maintenance for Mobile Homes

The advantages of owning a mobile home are vast and it is one of the major reasons for their popularity. They are affordable, more flexible, and durable due to their factory built nature. Yet in order to extend the many benefits offered by small manufactured homes, conducting a thorough annual maintenance is highly necessary. Moreover, it is also a great way to ensure the best living experience. Below are some key annual maintenance tips for keeping your mobile home in perfect condition.

Metal Roof Sealing

Metal roofs are commonly used in most mobile homes. They offer many benefits like increased durability and less maintenance. However, it does not mean that they are completely free from any maintenance procedures. Over time, metal roofs when subjected to changing weather conditions can deteriorate in quality.

Roof deterioration can result in leaks, especially in times of rains. This can also violate the insurance claims laid on the roofs by insurance providers. Conducting annual inspection of the roofs and applying the necessary fixes like sealing is vital to extend their longevity and efficiency.

Draining Water Heater

Over time, sediments can accumulate itself in the bottom portions of the heater tank. Due to this, it is highly necessary that the heater should be drained every six months or annually. Failing to drain the heaters can result in corrosion to build up inside the tank surface, which will result in the decreased performance of the water heater.

For draining the water heater, first unplug the electrical connections. Then connect a hose to drain out the water completely from the heater tank. Opening the valves will allow air inlet that facilitates faster draining of the water inside.

Re-Leveling the Home

In the annual maintenance, re-leveling the entire home is crucial. This is because the home is only leveled at the time of installation and may become unleveled at certain places over time. Re-leveling is also highly important since the ground underneath the home can settle.

The common indications that your home needs re-leveling are improperly closing doors and windows. In addition, cracks in the ceiling and walls also indicate that re-leveling is required for your home.

Checking Window Sealants

For mobile homes with aluminum siding, checking the window sealants in the home is particularly important. In the case of decreased or no sealants in the windows, apply silicone sealing effectively around the windows for ensuring the windows are airtight and watertight.