How to Fix a Squeaky Manufactured Home Floor

Manufactured Home
Fixing Squeaky Floor

If you are a manufactured homeowner, you will know that the floor makes a squeaky noise when someone walks on it. Floor squeaks typically appear after the manufactured house has settled down and the wood used in the flooring has dried out completely and shrunk. When you walk on the floor, the wooden boards run against each other to produce the creaks and squeaks. However, there is no need for you to suffer this annoying noise every time you walk on the floor. The tips shared below would help you fix the issue of squeaky manufactured home floor easily.

Repair From Below

If the floor of your manufactured home is over a crawl space or a basement, you can go below to make repairs under the floor. Make someone walk on the floor when you are under it and when you hear a squeak make the person above to strike on the floor for you to find the exact spot that squeaks.

Now you need to find a thin wood shim and coat the shim with carpenters glue. Tap the shim coated with the carpenter’s glue to the space between the subflooring and the joist. Take care not to drive the shim too far as it can raise the flooring. To offer additional support, drive in a dry wall screw of suitable length at an angle through the shim and joist into the subfloor.

Repairing from Above

If you are unable to access the underside of the flooring, you can make the repair only from above the floor. You will need to silence the squeaking noise without damaging the floor. You can make use of the commercial fastening systems to silence the squeaky flooring. You may also buy anti squeak kits that can be used on the carpeting that is laid on wooden subfloor. These kits usually will have screwdriver bit, pilot screws that can help you find joists, breakaway screws, and depth control fixture.

To repair from above, you will need to find the joists near the location of squeak. Stand the depth control fixture over the joist in consideration. Wrap transparent tape on the screws and drive the screws through the fixture. Remove the fixture and tip it sideways. Now you can insert the screw head into the slot on the fixture. Rock the fixture until you see that the screw head snaps below the subfloor.