Few Simple Tips to Make the Curtains of Your Mobile Home Attractive

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Attractive Mobile Home Curtains

Many mobile homebuyers look forward  to update the interior decorations of their newly purchased mobile home and to change various fixtures on their mobile home. This is a good move because these changes will bring a fresh look to your home and make it look a lot more attractive to visitors.

Curtains are an integral part of the interior of all mobile homes and they offer a decorative edge to your rooms. In addition to that, they also provide privacy to you and your family members. Here are a few tips that will allow you to make the curtains of your mobile home a lot more attractive.


Measure the dimensions (length and width) of your curtains properly, so that the windows of your mobile homes will be covered effectively. Try to allow a slight overhang at the bottom of the windows, as it will make the curtains a lot more attractive.

Colors and Materials

We highly recommend you to use a compliment of materials and colors, as they can effectively transform your mobile home into something extraordinary. In addition to that, this will also promote feelings of warmth, space, and varying shades of light. Opt for light colors such as pastel yellow, beige, and white, because they provide a sense of openness in a limited environment.

Plastic Curtain Rails

The installation of plastic curtain rails is a lot much simpler. You will only need a screwdriver and a few basic drilling tools for fitting the plastic curtain rails. You must remember to allow 6-inches of additional track on both sides of the window to ensure that the hanging curtains will not block the daylight when they are pulled back.

Curtain Clips

Curtain clips are easy on the pocket and they can be bought in packs at a cheaper price. Most of the curtains usually come with a stitching sewn, which allows the curtain clips to easily fit on them. It is wiser to use plenty of clips, as they will offer more flexibility to your curtains.

Curtain Poles and Rings

Curtain poles are available in different materials such as decorative metals and wood. Using complementary curtain rings that matches perfectly with the curtain poles will bring a classy touch to your mobile home. However, the installation of curtain poles can be a little bit difficult.