Exterior Cleaning Tips for Mobile Homes

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Mobile Homes Cleaning Tips

Mobile homes require frequent maintenance for extending the efficiency and the life of the home. Cleaning the exteriors is one of the crucial aspects of maintaining the home as it ensures that the surface remains clear of any dirt or debris that otherwise can cause deterioration of the materials particularly the siding. If not deal properly, this can result in a decrease in the overall quality and durability of the home.

As most mobile homes manufacturers make homes that contain either vinyl or metal siding, the cleaning process is different for both of them. Below are some of the tips for cleaning the exterior of a manufactured home that have either vinyl or metal siding.

For Vinyl Siding

The best and easy way to clean a mobile home that has a vinyl siding is to use a pressurized washer. This device can forcefully eject water at high pressures that will remove all kinds of dirt and debris from the surface. Cleaning agents like liquid soap, bleach, and detergents can also be used along with the pressure washer. In addition, there are many cleaning solutions available in the market that can enhance the look of the vinyl siding.

  • When using the washer, always cover any useful plants and flowerbeds around the home with plastic. This will prevent them from getting into contact with the cleaning agents.
  • Initially, spray the soap and water mixture using the washer at low pressures over the surface.
  • When spraying the solution, begin from the bottom and work towards the upward surface. Never try to spray water into the underside of the siding as it can cause potential buildup of mold and mildew overtime.
  • After spraying the solution, allow it to douse for a while and then thoroughly clean it with water by beginning from the top to the bottom portion.
  • Repeat this rinsing with water for a few times until the home is clear of all the cleaning solutions.

For Metal Siding

Cleaning a home with metal siding can also be done using a pressure washer. With metal siding, too much water pressure should be avoided as it can damage the siding.

  • Scrub the surface manually before using the washer, if the amount of dirt in the surface is very high.
  • Wash from one end of the home and cover from top to bottom to prevent the entry of water into the underneath of the siding.
  • Check for any spots missed out from cleaning and wash those missing areas thoroughly.