Essential Checklist to Consider While Buying Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Homes Buying

The process of buying a manufactured home requires considering many factors and decisions. Some of the basic ones include determining the right size of the home, the ideal location, and the manufacturer. Considering each of this decisions well is crucial when selecting manufactured homes as it guarantees the best living experience from the home. To help you with the buying process, below is a general checklist to keep an eye on when acquiring a manufactured home.

Manufacturer, Model Name, and Date

Properly verifying the mobile home manufacturers, model name, and the date of manufacture is crucial when buying a manufactured home. This is due to the requirement of purchase paper works by most banks and insurance companies for verifying the home in the state records. To verify the above details, look for the manufacturer’s date plan placed inside a closet or cabinet door.

Home Size

When in the process of buying the home always, make sure to verify the exact size of the home using a tape measure. This is necessary because the listed information covered in the documents such as roof overhangs and the dimensions of the home can differ from the actual size of the home.

HUD Construction Guidelines

It is mandatory that manufactured homes built after June 15, 1976, meet the necessary guidelines laid out in federal HUD construction. In such homes, affixing a red metallic tag on the exteriors of each section is required. When buying a home, check if this tag is there as missing tags indicates any modifications done on the home that can make them not eligible for resale.

Re-Leveling Needs

In the process of buying the home, ensure that the home is re-leveled lately. The homes should require re-leveling done on a periodic basis by a professional. This is because the structure of the home can sink into the ground over time, which will result in many structural problems like ceiling cracks and issues with the doors and windows. Carefully inspect the home for any signs to determine if the home requires a re-leveling.

Market Analysis Reports

Market analysis reports can be relied on to determine the current market value of the home. This is vital for getting good value from the home, which is also applicable for its resale. Manufactured homes located in communities having similar sized homes get the best values than that located in remote places.