Debunking Mobile and Manufactured Home Myths

Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Home Myths

Many of us are misinformed and uneducated about manufactured homes and speak ill about these homes, unknowingly. Yet with proper knowledge and education about mobile and manufactured homes, we will be able to change some minds. Below are some of the popular myths about manufactured homes and the actual truths behind that.

Manufactured Homes are Tornado Magnets

It is true that older mobile homes had metal skirting and sidings, but that does not mean that these homes attract tornadoes. In fact, there is no proof of the common misbelief that tornadoes are attracted to metal.

HUD standards are in place to ensure that new manufactured homes are built strong enough to withstand windstorms. In those areas that are prone to hurricane force winds (called as Wind Zones II and III), wind safety standards need the mobile and manufactured homes to be resistant to winds up to 100 miles per hour. In Window Zone III, these homes need to be resistant to winds up to 110 miles per hour.

Manufactured Homes are Vulnerable to Fire

Many of us assume that manufactured housing structures are more prone to fire and other issues than the conventional site-built homes. However, insurance firms have found that manufactured homes are safer than site-built homes in many ways.

The University of Michigan found in their studies that manufactured homes in the Midwest have lower rate of fire accidents than their site-built cousins. Both site-built and manufactured homes make use of copper wires for electrical wiring, but the building codes for manufactured homes are much stricter than that of the site-built homes.

Manufactured Homes are Less Energy Efficient

This is another myth about mobile and manufactured homes. In reality, the energy efficiency of manufactured and mobile homes is more than that of site-built homes. There are more standards to meet in the case of manufactured home construction and this fact is enough to bust the myth of low energy efficiency.

The Federal government has put many strict standards in place to confirm energy efficiency of manufactured homes, but there are not much standards to control energy efficiency of site-built homes. A minimum energy conversation standard came to effect in October 24, 1994 that has resulted in decreased energy charges for the manufactured homes.