3 Home Improvement Trends to Consider in your Manufactured Home Bathroom

Manufactured Home
Home Improvement Trends

The kitchen and bathroom in a manufactured home are the first thing potential homebuyers look for when they are buying a home. So, if you are planning to sell your manufactured home in the future, then you will have to concentrate on these segments or portions of your house.

There are certain bathroom improvements you will have to focus on, as most potential homebuyers are easily attracted to houses with these features. So, seek the help of an experienced modular home manufacturer and consider some of the below-given home improvement trends when you are remodeling the bathroom of your manufactured home.

Opt for a Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean-inspired designs have become immensely popular over among manufactured homeowners over the last few years because they always bring a fresh and attractive look to the bathroom of your manufactured house. Mediterranean designs usually combine metallic elements and terra cotta, which means that it is easily possible to keep the design neutral. However, you will have to pay extra attention to the tiles because they are the focal point of this design style. Do not be hesitant to experiment with different colors to find the right design for your manufactured home.

Ensure Adequate Storage

The first and most important thing you will have to note is that sufficient storage space will never go out of style. Most homeowners want storage to be functional and they do not want it to take up extra space, particularly when the bathroom is too small. So, make sure to utilize the space above the toilet and under the sink for storage, which will in turn help you preserve the precious floor space of your bathroom. Get in touch with a bathroom remodeling expert and ensure you will have adequate storage space after the remodeling.

Consider Different Accessibility Options

Several experienced manufactured homebuilders state that accessibility is critical to customers who are remodeling the bathroom of their manufactured home. So, design a bathtub that is lower to the floor and have a built-in seat under the vanity for more comfort and convenience. In addition to that, you can also opt for functional decorative railings, if necessary. You can also place larger windows in the bathroom to permit the entry of more natural light to the area.