Inspecting Crawl Spaces under New Manufactured Homes

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Inspecting Crawl Spaces

Several people who own manufactured homes often complain that local contractors do not thoroughly inspect the crawl space under their house. You can easily avoid this problem by hiring experienced local builders or inspectors who have profound experience in inspecting the crawl space under new manufactured homes.

However, you should take note of the fact that the crawl space under new manufactured homes must be designed in such a way that there is enough space for an inspector to get through. In addition to that, there should not be any safety hazards too. If you fail to satisfy both these conditions, then an inspector might even refuse to inspect the crawl space under your manufactured home. On the other hand, if your inspector is ready to inspect the crawl space, then ask him to check these following things.


You should ask your inspector to thoroughly check the ventilation to make sure there is adequate ventilation. If the ventilation is not adequate, it is wiser to take necessary steps and make sure that there is adequate ventilation. In addition to that, the ventilations opening should also be thoroughly screened during the inspection.

Moisture Level in the Soil

Natural water movements through the soil and leaks in plumbing may increase the moisture level in the soil and it can bring serious problems to the homeowner such as wood rot, mold growth, and rapid corrosion of metal fasteners. So, ask your inspector to bring an electronic moisture meter, as it will determine the precise level of wetness.

Damaged Stem Walls or Foundation Piers

Most of the damages to stem walls and foundation piers are usually due to the settlement or heaving due to the clay soil. If there are damages that appeared to be structurally significant, it is wiser to hire a local contractor and resolve the issue immediately.

Temporary supports

Wooden supports or concrete blocks, which are placed under the floor framing, may offer protection to the foundation of your home but they will not last too long. So, check them and replace them with newer or look for a permanent solution.


Ask your inspector to thoroughly examine the crawl space of your manufactured home to check whether there is any mold or mold like substance. Mold in crawl spaces can create high moisture issues and trouble the homeowner even in new manufactured homes. So, look for them and take preventive measures if necessary.