Steps in Replacing a Window in Pre Manufactured Homes

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Window Replacement Tips

Periodic maintenance is required in pre manufactured homes for extending its lifespan and efficiency. The windows are the key components in a manufactured home that is prone to various issues that hinder its functionality. The materials that are used in windows can deteriorate over time due to constant exposure to changing external weather elements. The buildup of water can also result in the weakening of the material that leads to improper sealing of the home.

This will lead to a severe decline in the efficiency of the heating and cooling of the home. Moreover, replacing such weakened window structures is important, as it compromises the safety of the home. Described below are the steps in replacing a window in new manufactured homes.

Taking Measurements

Measure the size of the window and ensure that it fits well within the place where the existing window is located. Incorrect measurements can lead to the window to fit improperly while also exposing the interiors of the home to external elements such as rain and the wind. Check the way the window is mounted such as lap of flush mounted after taking the measurements. Doing this is important as it makes the installation process much easier.

Removing Old Window

Use a power drill for removing the current window from its place. Unfasten the screws using the drill and remove the window along with its frame. Never use the old screws again as they may be rusted. Instead, use new screws with the same length and diameter as the old ones for affixing the new window.

Clearing Putty

Consider using a wire brush for clearing the old putty affixed to the surface after removing the old window. Apply new putty around the entire window frame after it is cleared of the old ones. Make sure to additionally add two more layers of putty at the opening top as it will offer extra protection from moisture.

Inserting New Window

Put in one of the new screws into the middle hole located on each side of the window frame while inserting the new window. Make sure that the screws are driven straight into the opening and never fully tighten them until ever other screws are put in place in the window.

Square Checking and Finishing

Verify that the window is square prior to inserting the screws into the frame. Affix all the other screws such as the one that goes into the corners and fully tighten them. Apply a thin line of sealant along the window as a final addition.