Installing Ceiling Fan in a Manufactured Home

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Installing Ceiling Fan

Several experienced mobile home manufacturers in the country insist their customers to install a new ceiling fan in their manufactured homes. This is because ceiling fans can greatly improve the air circulation in the confined spaces of your small manufactured house. In addition to that, they will not only save money and energy, but will also remove strain from your air conditioning system.

Ceiling fans of different sizes and designs are available aplenty in the market. However, try to buy a ceiling fan that suits the mood and atmosphere of small manufactured homes. Below are a few simple steps for efficiently installing a ceiling fan in a mobile home.

Remove the Light Fixture

You will initially have to locate the light fixture, where the ceiling fan will be attached to the ceiling of your house. Turn off the power to this light and use a screwdriver to unscrew the light fixture. Now, keep it away in a safe place until it is needed.

Assemble the Ceiling Fan

Slowly remove the newly purchased ceiling fan from the package. In most cases, ceiling fans will not be factory assembled. This means that you will have to assemble them. Slowly assemble the parts of the ceiling fan as mentioned in the user’s guide. Now, check whether is assembly is correct or not before proceeding to next step.

Attach the Hanging Bracket

Use a screwdriver for attaching the hanging bracket right onto the back of the small box, which is located on the top of the ceiling fan. Perform this step with the use of lock washers and screws and carefully follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Connect the Wires

Use a ladder and carefully connect the wires in the fan to the wires, which were previously connected to the light fixture. This is a crucial step, as it allows the electricity in small manufactured homes to power the motor of the ceiling fan. In most cases, the wiring is pretty much straightforward, which means that you can do it with ease.

Secure and Hang

After connecting the wires, ensure that the ceiling box cover is closed. If it is too loose, then you will have to carefully tighten the wires once again. Now, use the mounted hanging bracket for hanging the fan and turn on the switch to check whether the fan is working properly. If it is not working properly, check the connection of wires or contact an electrician for help.