Steps in Replacing the Doors of Manufactured Homes

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Door Replacement Steps

Doors are the major components of manufactured homes and serve the key purpose of protecting the entry and exit points positioned in the home. They also aid in effectively sealing the interior of the home for the purpose of heating and cooling. However, most of the doors in new manufactured homes are built using less durable materials that result in frequent repairs. Replacing them with a higher quality material is the best possible option in manufactured homes.

Most of the homeowners experience such frequent malfunctioning of the doors. Replacing them sounds a complex issue, but is not so. With the right tools and planning, one can easily replace the doors in a home without relying on a professional repairperson. This is also an excellent way to cut the costs involved in labor and for getting acquainted with handling other replacement works in the home by oneself. Below are steps for replacing the doors of manufactured homes.

Taking Measurements

Taking careful measurements of the door is the prerequisite for replacing the doors in manufactured homes. This must be done before purchasing the necessary supplies, since the measurement can vary for different homes. For measuring, use a tape measure to determine the crucial aspects of the door such as its height and width.

Settling on a Door Model

Many manufacturers offer different door models for old and new manufactured homes. It comes mostly in various preset and standard sizes that will fit precisely with the measurements of your home. While choosing the door, an excellent way to reduce the costs is to buy an affordable one and cut the door according to the opening.

Verifying the Deck Height

Before installing the newly purchases door, it is recommended to verify the height of the deck. In doing so, make sure that the deck of the home is not high enough to conceal the bottom screws of the door.

Removing the Old Door

For removing the door, loosen the screws that join the door to the home and carefully dismantle the door from its frame. After that, remove any caulking leftover between the doors.

Applying Putty Tape

After the door is detached from the siding, apply putty tape around the edges of the newly purchased door. Then carefully push the new door into the frame without using excessive force and secure it using three drills while keeping the door as steady as possible. Use a spirit level to determine whether the door is accurately leveled and straight.