Steps in Insulating the Underside of a Manufactured Home Floor

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Optimizing the heating and cooling systems is one of the key priorities to ensure comfortable living in pre manufactured homes. The level of comfort offered in a home is not entirely dependent on the quality of the equipment but also on the efficiency of the overall structure of the home.

Insulation plays a chief role in maintaining the temperatures in the interior of the homes. Furthermore, it aids in minimizing the loss of heat thereby effectively increasing the functional efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. One of the best ways to optimize the heating and cooling ventilation in new manufactured homes is by providing insulation under the floor. This will enable the prevention of heat that can occur with the flooring thereby maintaining the right levels of temperatures inside. Described below are some vital steps in providing insulation under the manufactured home floor.

Inspecting the Undersides

Before carrying out the insulation of the flooring, it is highly recommended to inspect the underside of the home for any damages. This includes checking the flooring for issues such as the presence of any holes or build-up of water. Repair any of the damages in the underside as soon as possible before installing the insulation. If insulation already exists in the underside of the flooring, remove it first before installing a new one.

The holes can be sealed using insulation stuffing or wood cutouts. In the case of water build up, first dry the surface completely for removing any molds growing on the surface.

Preparing for Installation

While installing fresh insulation for the manufactured home floor, it is required to allocate sufficient amounts of space. The major preparatory works involved before installing the insulation involves disconnecting the plumbing lines and the electrical system.

Setting up the Insulation

Purchase a good insulation material with the adequate R-value. Place the insulator besides the floor joists on the underside of the home. While installing, begin with the first and second joists of the underside. Turn down the paper backing and secure it buy stapling the ends to the wood frame of the home. Do the same with the other side, and for more support, attach wires to the joist.

Covering the Insulation

After installing the insulation, reconnect all the plumbing and electrical lines correctly. Wrap up the entire insulation material in fabric and fasten it to the wood frame just like the insulation. For minimizing condensation, it is better to use plastic fabric for covering the insulation.